Top the biggest tennis tournaments in the global

Tennis is one of the most favorite sports in the global, both male and female. To meet love and expectation of spectators, there are many international tennis tournaments held annually.

In this article, we share top the biggest tennis events updated until 2020. If you are a fan of tennis, you should know the following tournaments and not miss any event.

1/ Grand Slam Event

This tournament is also called with a nickname as Wimbledon which is applied for any England clubs. The first Grand Slam Event was held in 1877 at London’s all England Lawn tennis club, then it received good feedbacks from viewers. As a good result, it has been continued and kept until now.

Annually, all England tennis players register to join the Wimbledon in the summer. Through this event, we can find many new talented players or new records of the world.

As a special thing, this event is organized in grass courts. The truth that it is one of four tournaments along with the Australian Open, French Open and U.S. Open played in grass. It makes more difficult and challenge for players.

Of the 4 tournaments in grass court, Wimbledon is considered as the most prestigious event, so it usually is followed with the most attention of spectators, journalist and experts.

2/ The US Open Event

The US Open event is the most famous professional tennis tournament in the USA, compared with Wimbledon of the UK.

The first match was played in 1881 looked like the US national championship. Then it was always attracted many spectators to New York to visit and cheer up.

In unique atmosphere, this event is a destination in target of all new beginner in tennis. It is a pro event with fun and creation to improve good skills and experience.