Top the biggest tennis tournaments in the global

Tennis a new sport but gradually to become popular and favorite for many players. They find out positive energy when practicing this game with partners.

Although tennis is not an official game in Olympics which is the biggest festival in sports, it has series of international tournaments held at many countries in the world. It’s a useful way to access people effectively.

In this article, we continue to share top the biggest tennis competitions in the world. If you are a fan of tennis, you shouldn’t miss this article because we can recommend you top the high-appreciated tournaments in tennis held annually.

3/ Grand Slam Event in Australian Open

This tournament is called with another name as New Australian Open which is annually held at Melbourne Park, Australia.

It is one of four major tournaments of the Australian Open on the calendar. It is regarded as a largest sport event in the Southern, so it is welcomed by millions of fans around the world.

Although it was held in 1905, but there was some troubles. Until 1988, this competition was come back and kept until nowadays.

During 2008 until this year, Grand Slam event is dominated by Novak Djokovic. He has ever reached many records with the single titles.

4/ Grand Slam Event in French Open

The French Open is played on the clay courts which is different from other major tournaments played on hard-court surface. The truth that the clay courts make more difficult and challenge for players because they have to move ball slowly. However, it’s good opportunity to express talents and abilities.

Grand Slam Event in French Open also own list of stars such as Rafael Nadal who has 12 times for titles of this event.

This event is held in the Paris, French where it is highly appreciated as the most beautiful cities, so this tournament also attacks a huge number of fans from many places in the world.