Table Tennis

Date Saturday June 10th: Round Robin
Sunday June 11th: Playoffs
Time Saturday: 10am – 4pm
Sunday: 9:30am – 3pm
Format Team Format
Venue Richmond Olympic Oval
Skill Level Competitive Division | Recreational Division (There are no Tier 1, 2 and 3 for Table Tennis this year)
Players Min 2 | Max 3 (No gender requirement)
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  1. Each team shall consist of 2-3 players
  2. The tournament format will be consisted of 4 singles and 1 doubles matches.
  3. Before each team match, the captain of each team shall select 2 players and designate them as players A, B, or X, Y, as determined by a draw.
  4. The playing order shall be
    1. A vs X
    2. B vs Y
    3. Doubles match (played by any 2 players from the team)
    4. A vs Y
    5. B vs X
  5. Teams will play best 2 out of 3 games to 11 rally points (win by two points, cap at 15 points)
  6. The team that wins 3 of the 5 matches shall win the team match.
  7. A game consists of a best of three games and each set is played to 11 points, win by two points, and cap at 15 points (except in playoffs, time permitting).
  8. Each team can call one 60-second timeout per match.
  9. The tournament is set up for two divisions, recreation and competitive.
  1. Rules are based on International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) rules modified for Corporate Champions Vancouver.
  2. Companies with multiple team entries cannot switch players between different teams. This will be strictly enforced.
  1. Please wear appropriate footwear.
  2. Players are encouraged to bring their own paddles.
  3. Balls and extra paddles will be provided.

2017 Results:

Tier 1:

  • 1st: YVR – Charlie
  • 2nd: Electronic Arts
  • 3rd: MDA – Alpha

Tier 2:

  • 1st: Creation Technologies – Bravo
  • 2nd: Sage
  • 3rd: MDA – Bravo


2016 Results:

Tier 1:

  • 1st: YVR – Alpha
  • 2nd: Microsoft
  • 3rd: Amazon – Alpha

Tier 2:

  • 1st: City of Vancouver
  • 2nd: Creation Tech
  • 3rd: Creation Tech


 2015 Results:

Competitive Division:

  • 1st: EA
  • 2nd: Creation Technologies
  • 3rd: Clearly Contacts

Recreational Division:

  • 1st: YVR
  • 2nd: Microsoft-Charlie
  • 3rd: Creation Technologies