Outdoor Soccer

The Outdoor Soccer tournament continues the traditional of being CCV’s celebrated kick-off event. Whether you’re cheering on your co-workers or playing for the win, the CCV Outdoor Soccer Tournament is sure to deliver a great time.

Date Sunday May 28th: Round Robin AND
Sunday Jun 4th: Playoffs
Time Round Robin: 8:30am- 5pm| Playoffs: 8:30am – 5pm
Please arrive 30 minute before to perform waiver check and warm up
(See game schedule below)
Format Co-Red Outdoor Soccer 7’s
Venue Trillium Park Site (map)
Skill Level Round Robin Day 1; Teams will be ranked and play in 3 separate tiers for playoffs
Players Min 8 | Max 12 (Minimum one of the opposite gender)
WAIVERS Click to Sign HERE (Sign just once to cover all the 2017 Summer Games events)
  1. Games are played 7 a side (6 plus goalie)
  2. Each game will consist of two 17-minute halves with a 3-minute halftime break. Each team is allowed on 20-second timeout per game.
  3. The tournament is set up into separate pools. The top team in each pool will move into Tier 1 for playoffs.  The 2nd and 3rd place teams will move into Tier 2, and the 4th/5th place teams will be in Tier 3.  All teams advance to the playoffs after round robin play. (*Note: This is only used as a general guideline. Tiering is subject to the discretion of CCV.  More or less than 2 teams may be moved into the appropriate tier.)
  4. There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner for each tier.
  5. Teams are seeded after round robin based on a point system: a win = 3 points, a tie = 1 point, a loss = 0 points.
  6. In playoffs, a single-elimination bracket will be used
  1. Rules are based on FIFA rules modified for Corporate Champions Vancouver.
  2. Notable modifications include: No slide-tackling, no off-sides, kick-ins (opposed to throw-ins) from the side, and substitutions are made on the fly.
  3. There must be at least 1 member of the opposite sex on the court at all times.
  4. Complete Rules and Regulations HERE
  1. The only prohibited footwear is six studded soccer cleats. Running shoes are permitted but TURF soccer shoes are highly encouraged to prevent foot/ankle injuries. Grass soccer cleats are NOT ideal as they won’t sink into the turf and are often associated with tendinitis related injuries when played on turf.
  2. Shin pads are mandatory.
  3. Game balls and nets will be provided, but please bring your own ball for warm up and practice in between games

2017 Results:

Tier 1: 

  • 1st: EA
  • 2nd: Coast Capital Savings – Alpha
  • 3rd: Amazon – Alpha

Tier 2: 

  • 1st: SNC Lavalin
  • 2nd: EY
  • 3rd: PNI Media

Tier 3: 

  • 1st: Teck
  • 2nd: Sycle
  • 3rd: POF


2016 Results:

Tier 1: 

  • 1st: EA
  • 2nd: lululemon
  • 3rd: Coast Capital – Bravo

Tier 2: 

  • 1st: Intact Insurance
  • 2nd: Amazon – Alpha
  • 3rd: Urthecast

Tier 3: 

  • 1st: City of Vancouver
  • 2nd: Paris Orthotics
  • 3rd: Intel Canada


2015 Results:

Competitive Division:

  • 1st: EA
  • 2nd: PwC
  • 3rd: City of Vancouver

Recreational Division 1:

  • 1st: Coast Capital Saving – Bravo
  • 2nd: YVR
  • 3rd: WCB

Recreational 2 Division:

  • 1st: Solaris MCI
  • 2nd: Casino Royale Rentals
  • 3rd: Microsoft/Amazon Vancouver (tie)