Go-Karting is hands down, the most popular event that sells out every year. Company teams will speed their way across the TBC Indoor Go-Kart track in order to out-lap their competitors. Strap on your seat belts for an adrenaline-pumping experience! Work as a team to complete this relay-style endurance race and put the pedal to the medal to see if your company can come out on top as champions!

Date Wednesday May 24th OR Thursday May 25th (Teams will only play on ONE of those dates)
Time 1st session: Mandatory Orientation at 6:15pm; race start at 7pm
2nd session: Mandatory Orientation at 7:15pm; race start at 8pm
Schedule See Below
Format Endurance Race
Venue TBC Indoor Kart Racing (MAP)
Skill Level Recreational Division
Players Min. 4 | Max. 6 (Minimum one of the opposite gender)

  • You only need to sign once to cover all activities in our entire event for 2017
  • You will also need to sign the paper waiver as required by the venue when you arrive)
  1. Go-Karting Teams will compete in a one hour team endurance race where participants take turns at the wheel.
  2. Teams compete to do the most laps.
  3.  There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner for each heat.
  1. There must be at least one member of the opposite sex participating in the race.
  2. Please note that there is a mandatory safety orientation that all drivers must attend before being allowed on the race track. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.
  1. Closed toe shoes are mandatory for all go-karting racers.
  2. Helmets and go-karts will be provided.
  3. Participants are welcome to bring their own motorcycle helmet.

Results for 2017:

RankHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4
1stVBCE - CharlieAmazon - AlphaYVR - BravoVisier - Alpha
2ndVBCE - AlphaMDA - AlphaYVR - CharlieClevest Solutions
3rdSolaris Management - AlphaIntel - AlphaEA - AlphaRJC - Alpha

2017 Schedule

Wednesday, May 24 at TBC Indoor Kart Racing

Heat 1 - Wed May 24th

Mandatory Waiver and Orientation: 6:15 pm
Race Time: 7 pm
Fortis BC - Alpha
Fortis BC - Bravo
Fortis BC - Charlie
Fortis BC - Delta
Fortis BC - Echo
Solaris Management - Alpha
Solaris Management - Bravo
VBCE - Alpha
VBCE - Bravo
VBCE - Charlie
Heat 2 - Wed May 24th

Mandatory Waiver and Orientation: 7:15 pm
Race time: 8 pm
Amazon - Alpha
Amazon - Bravo
Coast Capital Savings - Alpha
Coast Capital Savings - Bravo
Intel Canada - Alpha
MDA - Alpha
MDA - Bravo
MDA - Charlie
MDA - Delta
SNC Lavalin - Alpha
SNC Lavalin - Bravo

Thursday, May 25 at TBC Indoor Kart Racing

Heat 3 - Thurs May 25th

Mandatory Waiver and Orientation: 6:15 pm
Race Time: 7 pm
720 Sweets & etc - Alpha
720 Sweets & etc. - Bravo
EA - Alpha
EA - Bravo
Hatch - Alpha
Hatch - Bravo
Hatch - Charlie
YVR - Alpha
YVR - Bravo
YVR - Charlie
Heat 4 - Thurs May 25th

Mandatory Waiver and Orientation: 7:15 pm
Race time: 8 pm
Clevest Solutions Inc.
Intact Insurance / Belair Direct - Bravo
Intact Insurance / Belair Direct - Alpha
Intel Canada - Bravo
Instant Imprint Broadway
Read Jones Christoffersen - Alpha
Read Jones Christoffersen - Bravo
Visier - Alpha
Visier - Bravo

Results for 2016:

RankHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4
1stHatch - AlphaEA - AlphaAmazon - EchoYVR - Charlie
2ndHatch - BravoEA - BravoAmazone - FoxtrotSolaris - Bravo
3rdCoast Capital - CharlieVBCE - BravoSNC Lavaline - AlphaYVR - Bravo