Our favourite game for all ages

Enjoy a casual evening of bowling and socializing with co-workers! Show off your snazzy shoes, company spirit, and mad skills at this much-anticipated CCV Summer Games event!

Date Tuesday May 30th
Time 5:30pm Waiver Check, 6pm Start
Format Highest Team Score (10-Pin)
Venue Revs Burnaby Bowling Center (map)
Skill Level Recreational Division
Players Min 4 | Max 6 (No gender requirement)
WAIVERS Sign HERE (Sign just once to cover all the 2017 Summer Games events)
  1. Teams will bowl two games. Only the top four bowlers’ scores of the best game will be counted (the best set out of the two)
  2. The team with the highest calculated score will win.
  3. Medals will be given out immediately to the top 3 winning teams
  1. There must be at least one member of the opposite gender participating
  2. Practice rounds beforehand are not guaranteed and is at the discretion of Revs Bowling Center. Players are welcome to arrive before the event to practice at their own personal expense. (Based on lane availability)
  1. Equipment will be provided at the venue.
  2. Players are permitted to bring their own shoes and bowling ball.

Bowling Results 2017:

Bowling 2017 Game 1 Game 2 
Instant imprint1669641Gold
Fortis BC - Alpha2390416
Fortis BC - Bravo3420518
Fortis BC - Charlie4408379
Fortis BC - Delta5528408
Fortis BC - Echo6488571
SNC Lavalin - Alpha7465450
SNC Lavalin - Bravo8375338
YVR - Alpha9587575Bronze
YVR - Bravo10458436
YVR - Charlie11331350
Intact Insurance/Belair Direct - Alpha13568500
Intact Insurance/Belair Direct - Bravo14380460
Coast Capital Savings15472537
Amazon - Alpha16316350
Amazon - Bravo17487442

 Bowling Results 2016:

Bowling 2016 Game 1 Game 2 
Cathay Pacific1434510
Clevest Solutions Inc.2399462
Coast Capital - Alpha3380493
Coast Capital - Bravo4478540
Electronic Arts5604607Gold
Element IQ6267414
Fortis BC - Alpha7361440
Fortis BC - Bravo8421496
Fortis BC - Charlie9381409
Fortis BC - Delta10524478
FYI Docs - Alpha11556596Bronze
FYI Docs- Bravo12427434
FYI Docs - Charlie13389315
Intact Insurance - Alpha15316389
Intact Insurance - Bravo16494545
Intel Canada17365425
Keystone Environmental18360351
Instant Imprint19502560
Paris Orthotics - Alpha20357403
Paris Orthotics - Bravo21457515
SNC Lavalin22410421
SNC Lavalin23475515
YVR - Alpha24582603Silver
YVR - Bravo25490437
YVR - Charlie26339389

Bowling Results 2015:

  • *Note: Due to a miscommunication after a lane change re-assignment from equipment malfunctioning, Electronic Art’s scores were not included during the initial tally and we did not discover this until after the awards ceremony.  To rectify the situation, both YVR- Bravo AND Electronic Arts will be the Gold Medal winning teams for the event this year.
  • Congratulations to all winners and participants!!
Final Ranking:Lane #:Teams:Final Scores:
2Coast Capital - Alpha526
3Coast Capital - Bravo349
2nd Place5Eyence/FYI Doctors577
7Microsoft - Alpha411
8Microsoft - Bravo385
9Microsoft - Charlie399
10Microsft - Delta435
11Microsoft - Echo408
12SNC - Lavalin485
13Solaris Management Consultants448
14YVR - Alpha473
*1st Place15YVR - Bravo592
16VBCE - Alpha486
17VBCE - Bravo482
18VBCE - Charlie415
3rd Place19WorkSafeBC550
20Instant Imprint485
*1st Place22EA Sports606

2014 Bowling Night:

Solaris Management Consultants Inc.

Electronic Arts

Instant Imprints Broadway